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How to Stop Bleeding with Cayenne Pepper: Stories and Articles

I am interested in articles and stories about stopping bleeding with cayenne pepper.
If you have any personal stories, or otherwise well documented accounts of actually stopping bleeding with cayenne pepper, please reply to this posting.

Article #1: Off internet December 17, 2011
Cayenne pepper to stop bleeding? Click here for original article.

Here’s what happened: I was preparing a salad for lunch and I inadvertently cut my finger while trying out my new chopping skills, fuelled by watching BBC lifestyle a bit too much. It was one of those nasty cuts that was like a deep shaving cut that won’t stop bleeding, rather than a deep amputation like cut. I counted at least 5 capillaries bleeding. Anyway, point is, it was bleeding, and a lot. So I did all the things that I was supposed to do, applied pressure, raised my hand and got out a bag of frozen peas. It felt much better, but it still continued to bleed and I was getting annoyed, as it had already been 5 hours and multiple bags of frozen vegetables later. I asked my husband to go to the pharmacy for me and get some tincture that stops bleeding, and he came home with TeeGel, which, I cannot even come close to explaining how not amused I was.

I thought at that point that I would succumb and have to go to the hospital for some medical assistance, and then I recalled something that you said that the best remedies can be found at home. I had read somewhere that suggested if you sprinkle Cayenne pepper on wounds, they stop bleeding. So, in a last ditch effort I did an Alia Al-Moayed, and I reached for the kitchen cupboard. I don’t know if it was the blood loss or what, but there were multiple images of your smiley face, strangely in black and white, around me. I got the Cayenne out and much to my husband’s horror, and my daughter’s confusion on why I was cooking my finger, I sprinkled. WOW.did it honestly felt like someone hit my hand with a hammer, and then jammed it into a car door. But you will not believe it. The bleeding stopped almost instantly, although the painful stinging lingered for a bit. But I’m not joking when I say, I’ve never seen anything like it, well other than electrical cautery in the OT. The bleeding stopped just like that. I was able to put a regular old plaster on it and that was the end of it. well other that growing some more skin. It was over in 5 minutes.

Article #2: Off internet December 17, 2011
Cayenne Stops Bleeding: Click here for the original Article.

In my experience with my thumb the cayenne pepper worked wonderfully. The combination of the external application and drinking it in water slowed the bleeding dramatically within just a few seconds and stopped the bleeding completely within a couple of minutes. Not only that, but I had no pain either. That amazed me more than anything. The pain just stopped.

Article #3: Off internet December 17, 2011
Can Cayenne pepper be used medically? Click here for the original article.

Did any­body know that Cayenne pep­per stops bleed­ing? My friend went on a hunt­ing trip and one of his dogs got a very bad cut on his leg. They were miles from any vets office and it was late, so on the advice of a friend he put Cayenne pep­per on the cut that they hap­pened to have in their cook­ing gear. He says that the bleed­ing stopped within ten sec­onds com­pared to the 2 hours that it would not. They stayed there for another cou­ple of days and a cut that they were cer­tain would require stitches healed up all by itself.

Article #4: Off internet December 17, 2011
Cayenne pepper stopped my foot from bleeding. Click here for original article and video showing the blood.

So I gashed my foot pretty badly. It took me a while to think of exactly what to do because I got really light-headed from the bleeding. I put cayenne pepper on it and it actually did stop the bleeding. However, since I was alone, I had to go to the other room to get a shirt that would wrap around my foot to keep the cayenne on and to keep pressure around my foot. So once I stepped on my heel to move, blood started pushing its way out and the cayenne went with it. That’s why there’s a little more blood in one area of the last pictures than in the video at the end (I took the video first, its just not in order). But cayenne did actually stop the bleeding. It doesn’t look like it in the video, because you can still see the blood on my foot, but you should have seen it before that, there was a steady stream dripping from my foot before I put cayenne on, and once it was on, not one drop came out until I stepped on my heel.

Anyway, thank you cayenne pepper

Article #5: Off internet December 17, 2011
My Experience with Home Herbal Remedies. Click here for the original article.

She put him on the counter, wiped the gushing blood out of the way and broke open two capsule-like pills onto the gash. It was about a half inch long gash about an inch above his ear. The bleeding stopped immediately. Completely. Dale explained that the capsules had ground cayenne pepper in them. She told me that the cayenne acted as a cauterizer. It actually sealed the blood vessels with a type of “burning” technique. She said it also would completely eliminate the possibility of infection and would heal without a scar. The powder formed its own type of scab and therefore the skin would not form a scab and therefore there would be no scar. She said to keep it dry for a couple of days and it would fall off naturally. No more worries!

I was amazed and prayed that it would work! Dustin was quiet through all of this, then said, “Mommy, can I come back tomorrow and catch a calf?” Silly Boy!!! Dale was right…the bleeding stopped immediately and permanently, there was no infection (as dirty as a calves hoof is??), it fell off naturally and without a scar. The only way you know where the gash was is with his military haircut it shows as a tiny spot which does not have any hair growing in it. Oh, by the way, the clown brought him 3 crisp $1 bills. He was thrilled!

Many years later, I fell,broke and skinned my leg. I will have to write a hub on it! It was an amazing healing, but when the skinned area began to show signs of infection I pulled out the cayenne pepper from the kitchen cabinet and poured it over the entire area. A week later, the cayenne scab began to flake off and the infection was completely gone and I have no scar. It was a win, win situation. I use ground cayenne pepper now for every cut and scrape. It works every time.

Article #6: Interesting article about using Cayenne Pepper for Hair Loss. September 2017

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Cayenne Pepper For Hair Growth

  • August 16, 2016
Cayenne peppers in a bowl

If you’re anything like me, you’ll do almost anything to stop your hair loss… and sometimes this can involve trying unusual supplements, herbs or spices.

Cayenne pepper has been rumoured to help with hair loss – But is there any scientific truth to these rumours?

In this article I’ll review all of the scientific evidence related to cayenne pepper for hair loss. I’ll share my own experiences and show you how you can add cayenne pepper to your diet in a way that can possibly stimulate hair growth.

Let’s begin…

peppersCayenne pepper has long been used to combat hair loss in various forms. The plant was originally used as a spice in Central and South America in the 15th century, and it later spread to southeastern Asia, Europe, and North America.

It was also used for medical purposes in many different cultures around the world, and many people today still rely on it to treat certain medical conditions.

It was first used in modern Western medicine by Samuel Thompson in the 1800s. In recent years, many people have started using cayenne pepper to combat hair loss, and scientists and medical researchers are just now starting to study this unique treatment in-depth.

What is Cayenne Pepper?

Cayenne pepper is a member of a scientific group of sweet and chili peppers. Its scientific name is Capiscum annuum Cayenne. It is considered to be a good source of Vitamin A, and also contains some potassium and fiber.

Cayenne pepper is mainly considered to be a spice, and is used around the world in dried form, either as a powder or as flakes. It is known for its uniquely spicy taste, and is often used as an ingredient in many hot sauces as well.

Many people have previously discussed cayenne pepper’s many benefits for your overall health as well. Doctors and natural health experts often recommend cayenne pepper for a variety of health issues, including digestive problems, cold and flu, joint pains, and heart problems.

Because it has been found to stimulate so many of the body’s healing functions, it has been used for thousands of years to treat things like open wounds and sores.

This interest in cayenne pepper among the health community lead to curiosity about whether or not it would work to help treat hair loss.

How Cayenne Pepper Can Combat Hair Loss

While many people have been recommending cayenne pepper for a host of other health problems for years, it is only recently that people have been testing it out as a hair growth method.

Studies have been done recently that indicate that cayenne pepper does, in fact, stimulate the hair follicles to help with hair growth.

1.Stimulating Hair Growth By Blocking Cannabinoid

peppersHow does this work? Cayenne pepper contains a natural cannabinoid blocker – in fact, it is one of the only known natural elements that contains this blocker, also known as CB1.

The endocannabinoid system is a group of receptors within the body that manage a variety of the body’s natural processes, including appetite, pain, and many other factors, which is why cayenne pepper is so good for the body overall. But recently, scientists have noticed that the endocannabinoid system also has an effect on hair loss.

When this group of receptors receives cannabinoids, which can come from a variety of different sources (including marijuana, but also many other plants, medicines, and chemical compounds that we may ingest), these receptors can stop hair growth. This has found to be especially true when the body is in periods of high stress.

Because of cayenne pepper blocks cannabinoids and prevents them from reaching these receptors, it can prevent and combat hair loss. Cayenne pepper can be especially helpful if you know you have been losing hair due to stress.

Since cannabinoids are found in marijuana, it is especially important to stay away from any products that contain THC if you are concerned about hair loss. Learn more about marijuana related hair loss here.

As mentioned previously, cayenne pepper also contains capsaicin. Capsaicin creams and supplements are actually prescribed by many doctors and herbal experts to combat various forms of pain.

Capsaicin first stimulates the skin and pain receptors, which is why many chili powders are somewhat painful or irritating if applied to the skin. However, the capsaicin then sends signals to the body’s pain receptors to release the pain.

Capsaicin As A Hair Growth Stimulant

Because capsaicin is such a powerful stimulant, it is also very effective in treating hair loss. Studies done by Nagoya City University in Japan have shown that patients with alopecia responded very well to cayenne pepper treatments.

This is because capsaicin activates certain receptors beneath the skin that product peptides that increase the production of insulin-like growth factor I. This is a very important component in the body’s creation of hair, so over time, patients who use cayenne pepper treatments will see an increase in hair growth in the applied areas.

Using Cayenne Pepper Effectively For Your Hair

There are a few different ways to use cayenne pepper to treat hair loss. Many of these are relatively new and have not been tested by scientific research yet, so it is very important to do a small test to see how your body will react to the cayenne pepper before doing a full treatment.



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Placebos Are Getting More Effective. Drugmakers Are Desperate to Know Why.

Wow, Mel’s blog is great.

Check out this article about placebos!

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Rx for Success

What turns a dummy pill into a catalyst for relieving pain, anxiety, depression, sexual dysfunction, or the tremors of Parkinson’s disease? The brain’s own healing mechanisms, unleashed by the belief that a phony medication is the real thing. The most important ingredient in any placebo is the doctor’s bedside manner, but according to research, the color of a tablet can boost the effectiveness even of genuine meds—or help convince a patient that a placebo is a potent remedy.—Steve Silberman

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Microwave Carmel Corn….Wow!

Microwave Caramel Corn

from Megan

Melt in microwave: (1 min)
½ cup brown sugar
1 stick of butter

Add 7 large marshmallows
Return to microwave for 1 min

Stir the mixture with a whisk until
it is blended together and
creamy. Pour over 2 bags
microwave popcorn or 6 – 8 cups
popped popcorn.

This also makes an excellent
caramel dip.

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Just found deal search engine – get $15??

This is strange. I just found a website called and got to looking arround and found an entry about getting $15 on a law suit with kelloggs cereal. Looked strange so I tried it. We qualified because we bought rice krispies in the correct dates. This is the reference:

Get $15 from Law Suit.

We’ll see what get???


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Cub Scouts: Wood Eye Wood Eye – but what kind of Wood?

For Cub Scouts Kathy needed to get several kinds of wood that might be used to build a house. OK! So All through the garage we go grabbing old scraps of wood of one kind or another. But what kind of wood is it??? What is pine used for? Why are fences made of cedar? Why use redwood? I don’t want to know much.

Let’s just look on the internet – but 30 minutes later, still noting but a bunch of ads for hardwood flooring (I hate the internet).

But finally bingo. I find and a great article of types of wood. OK, good shot dudes. A double thanks from the cub scouts.

Can I go to lunch now?