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How to have a Missionary 100 Taco Party

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How to have a Missionary 100 Taco Party

People are asking me what a 100 Taco Party is and how to have one.

How this all got started:

I use to drive the missionaries around a lot a couple of summers ago. I always told them that for every gallon of gas I used to drive them around the Lord would send me 10 gallons of gas. Later we had the missionaries living in our home for awhile. Some times we would take them out for burritos and they would tell me that I shouldn’t be buying burritos for them all the time. So I would have to remind them that for every burrito I bought for a missionary, the Lord would send me 10 burritos. This got to be the standing joke between us and the missionaries.

The time came when one of our favorite missionaries was going home and we wanted to have a party for him and the other missionaries. So I was kidding the missionaries and ask them what would happen if we had a party and the missionaries ate 100 tacos. They said “Then the Lord would send Bro. Conley 1000 tacos”. They had finally learned the lesson about giving, and I had a lot of fun imaging what it would really be like to get 1000 tacos from the Lord. So we decided to have the first of our 100 taco party.

At our first party we had about 12 missionaries who easily at over 100 tacos. We left it up to the missionaries to decide exactly what they would count as an official taco and to come up with any prizes they wanted to have. The second party was even more fun. We had 18 missionaries and they ate 183 tacos total.

From the two 100 taco parties we had they averaged about 10 tacos per missionary. Some at more and some ate less. At our first party the winner ate 17 tacos. At our second taco party the winner at 27 tacos. Some missionaries only ate 3 or 4 each.

So to date Bro. Conley has to his credit 283 tacos given to the missionaries. That’s 2830 tacos I might have coming if I behave myself. I am sure these all will be waiting for me at the pearly gates.

The next thing that happened was missionaries from our two parties got transferred and ran into people we knew in other parts of the city. Now we have others asking us how to have a 100 Taco Party. So that’s the story and here is what you need for the party.

The next one I am hearing about is to be for 27 missionaries. If they ate their average of 10 each that would be 270 tacos and would land some lucky couple 2700 tacos. Wow, don’t you wish that could be you!!

Melvin Conley

Below is what we used for 100 tacos or for about 10-12 missionaries.

96 taco shells (2 boxes of 48 each from Sam’s Club)
24 7 inch thin flour tortillas
9 pounds ground beef (Three 3 pound rolls)
Powered taco mix ¼ cup per pound
1 big bottle salsa
3 lbs grated cheese
5 diced tomatoes
1 1/2 head lettuce, shredded
1 pint sour cream
1 can chopped olives
1 diced onion
3 cans refried beans