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Couponing in Arvada, Colorado

_____ There are like tons of places on the internet to go to to look a couponing stuff. But there are only so many coupon deals to get the scoop on. Right now I am getting 2 Sunday Denver post. This gives me 2 Red Plum and 2 Smart Source inserts. When you go to a blog on couponing you will see them refer to “R” or “RP” for the Red Plum insert and “S” or “SC” for the Smart Source inserts. Plus the date (usually Sunday) the insert came out like 6/18/2011. Start by looking at one of my favorite sites The Krazy Coupon Lady. _____ In Arvada you can get Red Plum inserts in the Arvada Press that comes out every week and is delivered to your door. Sometimes I will pick up a few extra copies at the Stanley Lake Library in the little room where they sell used magazines and books. Smart Source inserts are a little harder to come buy. Every once and a while I grab some out of the newspaper recycling bin at the King Soopers on 58th ave as seen in this post. _____ You have to save a stack of inserts from week to week. Keep a file or a pile if you want but be sure to put the date on the front cover of the insert so your will know what week it is from. On the binding of the insert in tiny letters if the publication date. I have to use a magnifying glass to see it. Don’t use your coupons until the item goes on sale. You can check out what the current sales are by signing up for free at This tells you what is on sale at what store and what insert to look for the coupons in. Some times the coupon you need is from several weeks back, so be sure to start a good pile of inserts. ____ Don’t get too crazy on checking out coupon blogs(like this one). There are an endless number of them and you can spend your whole life looking at different ones. Mostly they can only cover the same things. Pick a few favorites and stick with them. Learn to get around on the site as each one presents their stuff a little different. There are paid coupon sites and I tried on for a while. The paid sites are nice in many ways, but I am way to cheap to pay $10 or more a month to let them organize my coupons for me. There are also coupon clipping services and coupons available on ebay, but stay away from these for a while if you are just starting until you kind of learn the ropes a bit. ____ Skip any Couponing 101 Classes you might hear of or see on the internet. Just slug it out and figure it out on your own. It’s a little scary at first when you wonder if they are really going to give to the item free or if you did it all right or if they are going to hate you for using too many coupons. Both Safeway and King Soopers are posting a small sign saying they will take at most 3 coupons on any given item. So be nice about it and don’t load up the registers with your coupon quest (extreme couponing). There are plenty of deals to be had and you really don’t need 18 bottle of free shampoo (although I did get 5 tube of free toothpaste a while ago). _____

Places I go to hunt for bargains, deals, and information:





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Get 2 for 1 Coupon for Elvis Cinema at 64th and Sheridan

A big Big thanks to a daughter who use to work at the Elvis Cinema at 64th and Sheridan. Just bop on over to the King Soopers across from the Movie and buy something. On the back on the receipt they have a buy one get one free coupon for the the Elvis Cinema. I was at the that King Soopers Weds 6/29 and pick up some coupon items and got 3 Elvis coupons on the back of my receipt. I think if you hit the movies before 6 PM the admission is $2.50 and after that it is $3.50 at least for now until the dollar movies go up to $5.00.

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Arvada CO coupons by latitude and longitude – wow!

Two items here.
#1. A place to get extra grocery coupons in Arvada Colorado and
#2. How to find latitude and longitude on google maps.
What a treat 2 in 1.

#1. Where to get some extra coupons. That’s right at the newspaper recycling dumpsters just to the west of the King Soopers at 58th and Independence. If you need the coordinates they are: 39.802937,-105.107178 so just put those into the old GPS if you just gots to. I’ve got some coupon inserts from here but people look at you funny if you are there for too long of a time. Don’t put the kids in the dumpsters unless you are planing on ditching them.

Latitude and Longitude show in the upper left. Put your cursor on the exact spot you want the coordinates for and the right click. When you click “what’s here”, the coordinates appear in the upper left. Snap – might take some practice but the trick is in the right click – not your usual left click.

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