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Get 2 for 1 Coupon for Elvis Cinema at 64th and Sheridan

A big Big thanks to a daughter who use to work at the Elvis Cinema at 64th and Sheridan. Just bop on over to the King Soopers across from the Movie and buy something. On the back on the receipt they have a buy one get one free coupon for the the Elvis Cinema. I was at the that King Soopers Weds 6/29 and pick up some coupon items and got 3 Elvis coupons on the back of my receipt. I think if you hit the movies before 6 PM the admission is $2.50 and after that it is $3.50 at least for now until the dollar movies go up to $5.00.

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Why I have affiliate ads?

Some of you have noticed I have a page with recommendations and links. These links go to affiliate sites that give me a commission if you buy something there. Wow, meljr is trying to make a buck off of his friends! Yes I would, but I’m not all crazy for any affiliates. Any one I have used or know is good. So it’s not just for the money. Although I do appreciate the money and give a big thanks for that.

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meljr swimming at Meyers Pool

Help I’m drowning. So on June 6th I bought an annual pass to the Meyers Pool in Arvada. For seniors the pass is $120 a year. I swim/walk about 50 or so laps a day for 3 to 5 days a week. Doc says if I lose 40 pounds my type 2 will go away. Away! Away! Away.

They told me to just keep between the lines (in the parking lot that is).

Final report and updates between now and June 6, 2011.


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Just found deal search engine – get $15??

This is strange. I just found a website called and got to looking arround and found an entry about getting $15 on a law suit with kelloggs cereal. Looked strange so I tried it. We qualified because we bought rice krispies in the correct dates. This is the reference:

Get $15 from Law Suit.

We’ll see what get???


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Arvada CO coupons by latitude and longitude – wow!

Two items here.
#1. A place to get extra grocery coupons in Arvada Colorado and
#2. How to find latitude and longitude on google maps.
What a treat 2 in 1.

#1. Where to get some extra coupons. That’s right at the newspaper recycling dumpsters just to the west of the King Soopers at 58th and Independence. If you need the coordinates they are: 39.802937,-105.107178 so just put those into the old GPS if you just gots to. I’ve got some coupon inserts from here but people look at you funny if you are there for too long of a time. Don’t put the kids in the dumpsters unless you are planing on ditching them.

Latitude and Longitude show in the upper left. Put your cursor on the exact spot you want the coordinates for and the right click. When you click “what’s here”, the coordinates appear in the upper left. Snap – might take some practice but the trick is in the right click – not your usual left click.

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Annual Cow Appreciation Day at Chik-fil-a

We hardly every miss this one. For 2011 the cow appreciation day is on July 8th. Go dressed as a part cow and and get a free chicken sandwich. Go dressed as a whole cow and get a chicken meal. –  See the total ad here for the 2011 Event. Check out the Chick-Fil-a Ad here.

If you want the whole meal your can print up a complete cow outfit at this link. I think the Chik-fil-a people consider this a complete costume!!

Holy Cow Bat Man.

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Cub Scouts: Wood Eye Wood Eye – but what kind of Wood?

For Cub Scouts Kathy needed to get several kinds of wood that might be used to build a house. OK! So All through the garage we go grabbing old scraps of wood of one kind or another. But what kind of wood is it??? What is pine used for? Why are fences made of cedar? Why use redwood? I don’t want to know much.

Let’s just look on the internet – but 30 minutes later, still noting but a bunch of ads for hardwood flooring (I hate the internet).

But finally bingo. I find and a great article of types of wood. OK, good shot dudes. A double thanks from the cub scouts.

Can I go to lunch now?