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Dudies of an LDS Stake Employment Specialist

Source is Denver LDS Employment Center 9/18/2014 – meljr

Stake Employment Specialist



DUTIES                                                         ACTIONS

Acquire the knowledge and skills to find job openings and help members find suitable employment.
  1. Receive initial training from Regional Employment center
  2. Devote sufficient time to master
  3. Devote several hours a week to professional reading on job search skills: interviewing, networking, resume writing, cold calling, INTERNET search skills, etc.
  4. Get to know the members of the stake who work for key companies, are employers or who work in human resource management
  5. Attend the monthly training meetings held on line or at the Regional Employment Center


Provide Instruction and Training to Ward Employment Specialists
  1. Provide detailed instruction on to all ward employment specialists.
  2. Provide individual one on one training/orientation to all ward employment specialists after their initial call.
  3. Provide group training on a regular basis in a forum that allows the SES to address day to day challenges and needs of the ward employment specialists.
  4. Meet individually with ward employment specialists once a quarter to discuss calling, offer assistance, address concerns and evaluate progress.


Provide Instruction and Training to priesthood and Relief Society leaders at the ward level throughout the stake.
  1. Meet with ward priesthood and Relief Society leaders annually to provide joint training on employment.
  2. Work with ward employment specialists to provide individual training for R.S. and priesthood leaders as needed, to include YM/YW.


Know All Stake Employment Needs
  1. Insure Needs Surveys are conducted at the ward level to determine employment, education and training needs to include underemployment.
  2. Work with Stake R.S. and YM/YW presidencies to determine needs within their specific organizations to include inactive members.
  3. Work with Stake councils to identify employment needs stake wide.


Resource to Stake Welfare Committee
  1. Attend the quarterly Stake Welfare Committee meeting.
  2. Work with the committee to establish employment welfare goals.
  3. Be prepared to provide input on education, training, the current job market, employment opportunities, to include self-employment, etc.
  4. Report on status and progress of stake employment goals and monthly reports
  5. Report survey results and identified needs.
  6. Report on large scale job market issues affecting more than one ward.
  7. Accept new assignments and report on previous assignments.
  8. Assist individual members of the committee as requested.


Know Economic and Business Opportunities Within the Community
  1. Read the daily and Sunday business sections of the newspaper to become familiar with community employment opportunities and issues.
  2. Review monthly the local business journal or other available publications.
  3. Review monthly state/local government websites that detail latest economic conditions and trends.
  4. Periodically contact key members who have positions of economic responsibility in the community to receive updates and perspectives.


  1. Have stake and Regional employment activities placed in the Stake Directory
  2. Assist ward employment specialists in placing announcements in ward sacrament bulletins.
  3. Regularly advertise stake employment nights.


Help Place Members in Suitable Employment or Training, to Include Self Employment
  1. Establish stake employment nights where members can receive assistance on a regular basis and ongoing training can be provided to ward employment specialists.
  2. Help priesthood and Relief Society leaders understand that they shout take the lead in all employment efforts for their perspective members.
  3. Work with ward employment specialists to insure that members have a suitable job coach.
  4. Work with ward employment specialists to identify job openings that match needs of members with employment concerns.
  5. Seek inspiration.
  6. Seek Assistance as needed from the Employment Resource Center (if available) on employment opportunities within the community.
Meet with Stake President or assigned Stake Presidency member on a regular basis.
  1. Set Welfare goals.
  2. Outline plan for achieving stake goals.
  3. Discuss training stake wide.
  4. Discuss current state of unemployment and underemployment.
  5. Seek direction.
  6. Discuss any other issues that affect the temporal welfare of the stake members.