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Duties of an LDS Ward Employment Specialist

Source: Denver LDS employment center 9/18/2014 – meljr

Duties of an LDS Ward Employment Specialist


DUTIES                                                         ACTIONS

Study and Learn
  1. Receive initial training from the Stake Employment Specialist.
  2. Learn and understand the Ward Employment Process
  3. Attend ongoing training meetings and Stake Employment Nights, as established by the Stake Employment Specialist.
  4. Devote 4-6 hours a week to master:
  • Resume writing
  • Interviewing
  • Job Search Skills to include social media
  • org
  1. Periodically review available articles on
Teach and Apply
  1. Teach job skills to ward members as requested by:
  • Relief Society leaders
  • Priesthood leaders
  • YM/YW leaders
  • Individual job seekers
  1. Provide 5th Sunday and fireside presentations as requested.
Know and utilize resources
  1. Ward Resources:
  • Individual members
  • Priesthood and Relief Society committees
  • Ward Bulletins
  • Ward Council
  • Stake Employment Nights
  • Stake Employment Specialist
  • Stake Job Listings
  • Stake job fairs and workshops
  • Work Force Centers
  • Small Business Administration
  • Community welfare organizations
  • Local employers
  • Workshops
  • One on one Counseling
  • org
  1. Stake Resources:
  1. Community Resources:
  1. Regional Resources:





Know All Ward Employment Needs
  1. Conduct periodic Needs Survey to determine ward employment, education and training needs
  2. Work with priesthood quorums, Relief Society and YM/YW to determine the needs within their specific organizations
  3. Maintain updated employment status and notes for all members on
  4. Work with ward leaders to identify and remove barriers that prevent members from identifying their employment needs.
Resource to Ward Council
  1. Attend Ward councils
  2. Be prepared to provide input on:
  • Education and training
  • Job market to include self-employment, etc.
  • Survey results and identified needs.
  1. Report on status and progress of unemployed and underemployed in the ward (use content).
  1. Assist all members in creating and updating their profile
  2. Update the current status weekly of those registered on
  3. Add notes detailing members status, progress, and next steps on
  4. Train ward leaders on functionality and use of