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LDS Ward Employment Specialist: Checklist for Helping Job Seekers

Source: Denver LDS employment center 9/18/2014 – meljr

LDS Ward Employment Specialist: Checklist for Helping Job Seekers


  • Get to know the Job Seeker
  • Employment situation
  • Education
  • Goals: long term and short term
  • Special circumstances


  • Assist job seekers with registering on
  • Fill out goals section
  • Profile can be filled out later in the assistance process


  • Participate with priesthood and Relief Society leaders in their creating of a Ward Assistance Plan (WAP) for each member in need. An effective plan, as a minimum, should include the following:
  • Temporal circumstances and welfare needs
  • Short and long term goals of the job seeker
  • Training and educational needs
  • Defined action steps with specific time frames for accomplishment
  • Ward involvement


  • Seek direction from and report back to priesthood and Relief Society leaders.


  • Work with ward leaders to assign a suitable job coach


  • Provide training per the established Ward Assistance Plan, including:
  • Interviewing
  • Resume writing
  • Social Media
  • Job search


  • Seek inspiration. You have been called of God and set apart for this work!


  • Seek Assistance as needed from the Stake Employment Specialist, the Regional Employment Resource Center (if available) and Community employment resources in accordance with the Ward Assistance Plan


  • Assist members in completing their profile to 100% and making it visible to employers


  • Help ward leaders and the job seeker maintain a record of progress and accomplishments on