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I have searched the internet for some good job search/resume sites.Here are a few.  They do not require a login, an email address, or any kind of payment. For the most part I don’t  recommend any sites that do require login or payment. I have also started a job board that you are welcome to try or post a job. meljr




1. LDS Job site: Most helpful with many useful and professional links:

2.  resume samples: Pick a resume format. Then copy and paste it into a work document and use to set up your own resume.

3. Website with several resume templates to use to setup your own resume.

4. On line LDS Career Workshop Manual: Set goals and Make your resume.

5. Career Center at TAMU: Some fill in sample resumes. Template #1 is fairly complete:

6. Blog Entry: List of Action words or Power Words.

7: The American Job Center:  Serving Jefferson, Clear Creek and Gilpin.  They require a signup.

8. Check out Looks like a good source for internet help:

9. Link to Colorado related Job Resources, Employers, and Careers:

10. Link to Virginia University resume writing guide:

11. Link to an excellent guide with samples to job hunting and resumes.

12. Link to the Job Search Handbook from Ohio State University. Very complete and useful:

13. Tutorial: How to sign up for GED practice test and help at the Jefferson County Library.

14. Get out of the house and get a job: The story of Ted Williams cardboard sign resume.

15. Using Numbers to Enhance Your Bullet Point Content:

16. Rat Race Rebellion site:  A good source of legitimate work at home jobs on the internet.

17. How to write your “Me in 30 seconds” statement:

18. LDS Employment Specialist Duties: Ward Employment Specialist, Stake Employment Specialist, Check List for Ward Employment Specialist

19. How to get a job networking and by talking to people face to face.

20. E-Book on using CraigsList to find a job. Watch out for Scams! meljr

21. GED Information and Links: Put yourself in the drivers seat!

22. Learning to Learn: Life time success in anything you want to do!

Good luck.


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